Righteous Rain Productions offers a full range of audio production services:

Preproduction: This very important step helps to determine the songs that best fit the artist and those which flow with the project.  Establishing keys and tempos is done in this step as well as making any necessary changes in arrangements. This is a real money saver in the long run.  Another part of the producer's responsibility is to hire the appropriate musicians and schedule recording sessions.

Sequencing and Arranging: Since 1995 we have used MOTU Performer as the sequencing software. It is used to record keyboard parts, program drum parts and orchestration, and whatever the song needs.  When completed, these parts are taken to the studio and transferred to multi-track format, and then vocals and acoustic instruments are added.

Engineering: From the setup to the mixdown, we are experienced in micing technics for drums and acoustic instruments of all kinds.  Making sure everyone is happy with their headphone mix is an art all its own. At  Harry O's Recording Studio, each artist is offered individual headphone amps with two stereo headphone mixes and five seperate outputs.  At Harry's and Righteous Rain Productions, we use Digital Performer 6 as our multi-track editing software with a wide array of high-end outboard equipment and plug-in software packages. 

Postproduction: After all the tracks are recorded to the producer's satisfaction, the song is ready for mixdown. DP is fully automated which allows for powerful, digital editing capabilities. Upon completion of this process, the final step is mastering. This is where final tweaking is done to the project...the professional polish, so to speak. The songs are put in order, final EQ applied and levels maximized.

Remote Live Recording: 24 tracks available for live recording.  Email or call for details and availability.

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